Places of historical interest in Mauritius

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mauritiusbMauritius has a rich cultural, historical as well as architectural heritage.  They are the silent witnesses of time.  Many of these heritages have been preserved as national monuments while numerous museums have opened their doors on this tiny island.  A visit to the numerous places listed below will transport its visitors to the past and provide a glimpse of our rich tangible as well as intangible inheritance.



gport2La Maison Historique de Grand Port: Built in 1771, La Maison Historique de Grand Port was a colonial house which was converted into a museum in the year 1950. The museum showcases the three main colonial periods of Mauritian history through its collection of objects, photos, maps and documents.



bluepennyBlue Penny Museum (Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis): A history and art museum exhibiting the heritage collection on Mauritius and the region. Its main attractions are the ‘post office’ stamps; the red one penny and the deep blue two pence stamps issued in 1847 and deemed to be two among the prized items of world philately. The museum also displays old marine maps, old documents and sculptures related to Mauritian history.


museumNatural History Museum (Port Louis): It is the oldest museum in Mauritius exhibiting stuffed specimen of birds, reptiles, marine creatures and the famous dodo, a bird which is now extinct. The dodo has been mentioned in records of the Dutch who are believed to be the first colonisers of Mauritius in the 17th century.



photoMusée de la photographie (Route du Vieux Conseil, Port Louis) : Built in 1966 by two photography lovers, the ‘Musée de la photographie’ has an assorted collection like cameras dating back to the 19th and early 20th century, films portraying Mauritian lifestyle during the 1950s as well as photographs. The museum also houses the printing machines used for the first newspaper of the southern hemisphere printed in Mauritius in 1773.


frederikFrederik Hendrik Museum (Vieux Grand Port): Located in the ruins of the first fort built by the Dutch in 1638, the museum depicts a section of the Mauritian history through its exhibition of archaeological remains dating back to the Dutch and French period.



Robert Edward Hart MuseumRobert Edward Hart Museum: It is the dwelling of the famous poet Robert Edwart Hart who lived there until 1954. Hart was one of the most important francophone Mauritian literary figures in the first half of the 20th century. The museum, also known as La Nef, is a coral-stone house.



aventuresucreL’aventure du Sucre (Pamplemousses): Located in the ancient sugar estate of Beau Plan that stopped its operations in 1998, L’aventure du Sucre is one of the modern museums displaying the history of the island as well as that of the sugar production in Mauritius. Visitors also have the opportunity to taste sugarcane as well as the different types of sugar on display.


domaines des paillesDomaine les Pailles : Spread over an area of 3 000 acres on the foothills of the Moka Range, Domine les Pailles is an ancient estate where visitors can have a glimpse of a replica of a traditional ox-driven sugar mill as it was used in the 19th century and a rum distillery which produces the Domaine Les Pailles Rum. The Spice garden will be a discovery journey for the senses while the Mask Museum guarantees to make the visit rich in culture and emotion.