Published On: Tue, May 31st, 2016

New South Wales Woman succumbs to crocodile’s attack

New South Wales Woman succumbs to crocodile’s attack

On Sunday, a 46 year old NSW woman named Cindy Waldron failed to escape the jaws of a dreadful crocodile in a northeast Australian beach. The tragedy took place at around 10.30 pm at Thornton Beach at Daintree when the victim and her friend decided to go for a night swim.

The area is highly populated with dangerous crocodiles and according to Federal MP Warren Entsch, the attack could have been avoided if the two tourists had paid attention to the numerous crocodile warning signs placed especially for visitors near Daintree River. Entsch criticized the pair’s decision to go swimming at night as “human stupidity”.

The survivor tried her best to save her friend while she was being dragged by the crocodile but in vain. Her arm was bruised and was immediately taken for treatment to a nearby hospital in Mossman following the horrifying ordeal.

Two similar crocodile attacks occurred in the same region in 2009 and in 1985, killing a 5 year old boy and a 43 year old woman.

Crocodile spotting tours are ran by tourism operators in the vicinity of Daintree River and it seems quite ambiguous that the two tourists were totally unaware of potential crocodile attacks despite the warnings.

Since 1971 crocodiles in Australia were declared as a protected species under federal law. As such, their population has soared across the country’s northern tropics and this can pose a threat for inhabitants in the long run.