Published On: Fri, Mar 27th, 2015

National Day Celebration Symposium


To mark the National Day Celebration, the Brahma Kumari Spiritual University of Rose Belle in collaboration with Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and MACOSS organised a symposium on the theme “Towards a Morally and Ethically Clean Mauritius in Peace, Justice and Liberty” on Sunday 22th of March 2015 at its seat at Rose Belle.

The main objectives of the symposium was to sensitize the participants on the urgent need of the moment for a collective action to create morally and ethically clean Mauritius society and based on the three pillars of our National Anthem namely in Peace, justice and liberty.

Mr Rajen Bablee, Director of Transparency Mauritius was the Chief Guest. Sister Rupa, Coordinator of the BK Rose Belle Centre, Mr Geerish Bucktowonsing, Chairperson of MACOSS, Mr. Raj Awotarowa, Chief Corruption Prevention Officer of ICAC and Ms Tanio Diolle, Lecturer Political Science at the University of Mauritius addressed the audience on that day.