Published On: Thu, Feb 26th, 2015

Madonna falls down stairs at the Brit Awards


Madonna’s fans witnessed a shocking fall of their celebrity during her performance at the Brit Awards. A youth icon, the 56-year-old pop star was summoned to perform on the closing of Wednesday’s ceremony in London on her song “Living for Love” when the incident happened.

The beginning was grand when Madonna showed up with a group of male dancers, but was noticed fumbling due to large cloak that she was wearing. Just as she stepped ahead, the garment got tangled and pulled back and in an instance she fell down three steps. The troupe of dancers present on the stage looked in shock on this immediate happening. Post her performance, Madonna gave an ‘OK’ on her doing via Instagram.

Quoting the reason of this incident, she added – “The cape I was wearing was too tight! But nothing could stop me at that moment and love of my fans lifted me up! Thanks for all your good wishes! I’m doing absolutely fine!”

Song on which she performed had something lyrics about stumbling, and continued playing “I’m gonna carry on” which Madonna did. List of other celebrity performers at Brit Awards (the U.K. equivalent of the Grammys) includes Kanye West and Taylor Swift.